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I thought it'd be cool to mix things up and give you a little sneak peek into what our supporters usually get. Here's a glimpse of a social media video dropping this week.

If you're looking for some insane discount codes for gear, want some exclusive merch, need campsite locations, shoutout in our YouTube vids, or even want VIP parking at our events, we'd be stoked to have you on board as part of our support team! Hope you enjoy a little throwback of RITO 23' ✨

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Hey all,

Looking at building out a secondary battery for my 4runner. Requirements would be to power fridge, Aux/Camp Lighting, charge via solar/ship to shore.

Dropping here as I would be installing it behind my passenger seats rather than in the engine bay.

A few of us are heading back to Mulberry Lodge in the Ozarks to ring in the new year (12/30-1/1). Hope to see some of you there if you've got nothing else planned!

Shannon Hodges


Girlfriend and I are heading out for an after-Thanksgiving weekend getaway to the Ozarks.

This will be our first time in the area but we got some routes and campsites preloaded. Dogs may be present.


Hey all! I put up a new video from the Rendezvous in the Ozarks event with Calvary Overland! Any comments and subs would be appreciated as this is a work in progress channel!

Shannon Hodges
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Heading out on a trip soon? Use this group to find others th...
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