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Hello everyone. I'm looking to connect with a local (North DFW) graphic designer and I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

  • Hey Y'all,

    The girlfriend and I are heading up to West Colorado and Moab for work and some light overlanding in October.

    If anyone feels like meeting up along the way, let us know! We'd love to find fellow overlanders and couples.

  • Brandon Darwin

    Whats up y'all!

    I am planning to shoot a pistol match this Saturday and wanted to invite whoever would be interested out. I am in squad 2 if you are interested. Hit me up if you have any questions.

  • Brandon Darwin

    Hey Guys,

    Our newest YouTube video is up on our channel. We'd appreciate it you went and checked it out and subscribed while you are there. We'd love any suggestions to make these videos better and more engaging.

  • Bruce H.
    Brandon Darwin
    Shannon Hodges

    Our next guided Adventure is coming soon! Make sure you are signed up to the newsletter if you are interested in joining us! What are some places you think we should lead a future trip?🤔

  • J


    Heading out on a trip soon? Use this group to find others th...

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