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Calvary Online Swap Meet

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I’m changing up my bed set up and have a couple things for sale

Best topper $700

Xtrustion overland xtr1 Prinsu height $900

All for a short bed 3rd gen Tacoma

I have a brand new Howlin Moon 4 panel awning 2.5m long for sale. Left/drivers side. No mounting brackets.

I’ll take $750 obo for it. I am in North Dallas and can meet up if you choose.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk about it or know someone that might. Brian-972-679-6038

Just found these cleaning out the garage--Dewalt drill and saw. My dad gave me his old stuff a long, long time ago since I didn't have anything at the time. Either the charger or battery died, but I was wanting to invest in another ecosystem of tools so I buried these when I could get them to keep a charge. If you are already in the Dewalt family and want spares or you don't mind buying a new battery/charger these are for you. I don't know anything else about them other than what's shown.

Free to anyone who wants them--otherwise they will get sent to Goodwill or trashed; will bring them to the March meetup

Have a couple things for sale and also giving away my old Trasharoo.

GP Factor Maxtrax Universal Kit -

Bought new from CB Adventure at the meetup they hosted in March of 2023. Still in good condition with some UV fading on the orange pieces and some surface rust on the bracket. Have both short and long mounting bolts--asking $100



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