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Good morning everyone! If anyone is in the market for a family size roof top tent, I got what you need. For sale is a 23 Zero Walkabout 87 with annex and floor. This tent is listed as a six person tent. Realistically you could fit four adults comfortably. Comes with an insulated cold weather liner as well.

The annex could be used to sleep two more on cots, and it provides privacy for changing, hygiene, nursing moms, etc. The floor is a thick, durable rubber/nylon compound That can be hosed off and scrubbed with a stiff bristled brushes if needed.

Bought in 2020, this tent has been used but taken care of. The specs can be found in 23 Zero’s website. Asking $2200. Contact me here or at if interested or if you have other questions.

Shannon Hodges


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